Why Go Vegetarian?

In the coming weeks, this blog will try to answer the question, “Why go vegetarian?” There are so many reasons, but for this introductory post we will broach some of the high points.

For starters, humans are not meant to be carnivores. Physiologically speaking, we are meant for a plant-based diet. The intestines of carnivores are short, straight, and smooth. Because meat goes bad quickly, animals designed to eat meat must pass it through their system quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, the intestines of herbivores (and humans) are very long and contain pockets and twists in order to keep the food in the stomach longer and absorb vital nutrients. Herbivores also lack important additional steps in the digestion of meat. There exist obvious differences between carnivores and humans in nearly every physical aspect of the body. This article from VegSource goes more in detail.

There are so many health benefits when one chooses to go vegetarian, as well as environmental ones. Animal rights and the dignity of all living things plays a huge and important role, but the impact of meat over-consumption on the environment might prove to be even more devastating. In fact, marine biologist Enric Sala estimates that the world’s fisheries will have collapsed by the year 2050 due to chronic overfishing.

I hope to explore more in the following posts the impact of meat consumption, the role of animal rights, and the ways in which one can enjoy being a vegetarian.


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